“The TrustED training with Dr. Travis is very useful. The idea of building trust in every aspect of school life is definitely a must. There are many ideas that were planted in my head, now it is a matter of putting them into action. Thanks!”  – Otto Chow, Secondary School Principal

Toby was excellent and provided very clear learning objectives. The topics were all relevant, useful and practical. All things I can implement on Monday!”  – Carolina Leed, Head of Counseling Department

“The TrustED training provides a space to reflect and assess (individually and as a school). A push to challenge the status quo and to continue getting better. Sets the stage for important conversations and changes to take place.”– Adriana Callejas, Middle School Counselor

“The TrustED training led by Dr. Toby Travis was truly exceptional! His level of energy and engagement was excellent all through both days. One word: INSPIRING. He left us all wanting to be better and to be more for our school community.”  – Jose Oyanguren, Headmaster, St. Augustine Preparatory School, Managua, Nicaragua