“Bob Simrak is among the most clever, insightful, and intuitively smart individuals I’ve worked with over my 37 year career. He understands how the world works, how people work, and what moves people. From a development perspective, Bob understands all aspects and areas required to achieve world-class results and knows these things when he sees them. He also immediately ascertains when something is missing the mark. These include but aren’t limited to:
– Crafting a strong vision
– Messaging that vision in a compelling way – especially for the desired target market
– Engaging with prospective constituents – focusing first on them, their needs, their desires
– Understanding and engaging the power of powerful stories to develop deep connections
– The mechanics of truly exceptional execution that leverages various (and proper) tools, methods, and touch-points.

Bob is a rare find who would bring incredible wisdom, insight and guidance to any organization seeking to grow its brand and constituency. I offer my highest endorsement of Bob to any and all who might consider engaging him.”

Jim Lapinski, President / Founder at Rarefied Consulting