Dr. David A. Wells | Executive Consultant

“I would like to acknowledge and thank Dr. David Wells for his exceptional service as a consultant with the Board of Directors (BOD) of Gateway International Schools.  His astute and wise council, walking the BOD through processes is resulting in workable structures being modeled and an eagerness on their part to continue to grow and learn from his on-going visits and consultancy. His significant and impactful work is one of the pillars helping to establish a solid foundation upon which the educational enterprise of the Gateway brand will stand.

The partnership Gateway International School BOD has with Dr. Wells has already accomplished much.  The leadership team is already experiencing the benefits his work has brought in clarity, accountability, and direction.  It is also positively impacting the rank and file.

I wholeheartedly recommend him to school boards considering inviting a consultant to help them walk through the process of identifying their school’s contextualized governance model and plans to make it happen.  Dr. Wells has much to offer boards in this linchpin, make or break it work called, “school governance.”

I look forward to the remaining months of his consultancy work with our Board here at Gateway International School.”