Dr. David A. Wells | Executive Consultant

“I would like to acknowledge and thank Dr. David Wells for his exceptional service as a consultant with the Board of Directors (BOD) of Gateway International Schools.  His astute and wise council, walking the BOD through processes is resulting in workable structures being modeled and an eagerness on their part to continue to grow and learn from his on-going visits and consultancy. His significant and impactful work is one of the pillars helping to establish a solid foundation upon which the educational enterprise of the Gateway brand will stand.

The partnership Gateway International School BOD has with Dr. Wells has already accomplished much.  The leadership team is already experiencing the benefits his work has brought in clarity, accountability, and direction.  It is also positively impacting the rank and file.

I wholeheartedly recommend him to school boards considering inviting a consultant to help them walk through the process of identifying their school’s contextualized governance model and plans to make it happen.  Dr. Wells has much to offer boards in this linchpin, make or break it work called, “school governance.”

I look forward to the remaining months of his consultancy work with our Board here at Gateway International School.”

Don Williams, Superintendent, Gateway International School

Dr. David A. Wells | Executive Consultant

Dr. Wells is knowledgeable about Governance of Schools, and especially International Christian Schools.  He is gifted with relating to people and communicating as an expert.  He has been very generous with our school making his consulting services affordable.  I highly recommend Dr. Wells as a consultant.”

Laurie Steel, Board President, Asuncion Christian Academy, Paraguay

Dr. David A. Wells | Executive Consultant

“Dr. David Wells has been a constant encouragement and a mentor to me over the past nine years. He is an excellent consultant and has equipped the administrative team and the school board at my previous school to lead the school through successful accreditation. During this process he also trained the board to develop well-defined policies for governance.

On a more personal level, Dr. Wells has been instrumental in connecting me with ongoing career opportunities and has been a reference point in vocational negotiations. He introduced me to Bridgeway North American School in Mexico City and their need for a Director and was very supportive during the hiring process which ended successfully. I am extremely grateful for his highly professional and friendly advice over the years. Dr. Wells has an intimate walk with Christ which is exemplified in his willingness to pray for God’s guidance in all situations. I highly recommend Dr. Wells as an educational consultant.”

Kevin van Rensburg, General Director, BridgeWay North American School, Mexico City

Dr. David A. Wells | Executive Consultant

Dr. David Wells mentored me my first year as school director and he was a fabulous sounding board to help me make tough decisions. His advice and words of wisdom empowered me to be a better leader for my school community. I am tremendously grateful I had the wise support of Dr. Wells to guide me my first year!”

Erin Magee, Founder, Chontales Academy

Dr. Toby A. Travis | Executive Consultant

Dr. Toby Travis provides a transformational opportunity for educational leaders to learn and self-reflect on their practice to BUILD TRUST! The entire training is very well planned and executed!”

Joseph Martin, Principal, Rancocas Valley Regional High School

Dr. Toby A. Travis | Executive Consultant

“I appreciated the interactive elements of Dr. Travis’ training, as well as the customization, which is driven by the TrustED® Assessment. I believe this training is ideal for school leadership teams to complete together with the assessment, the customized training, as well as designing a practical action plan.”

Kristopher Brown, Asst. Principal, Strath Haven High School

Bobby Brasher | Senior Consultant

“Having attended Bobby Brasher’s live firearm training as well as instructional seminars that have covered many topics including situational awareness, threat assessment, and developing or strengthening your organization’s safety and security protocols, I have found him to be not only a highly knowledgeable professional but also able to work with a wide spectrum of experience levels. His communication and presentation style is effective for both large and small groups, educational institutions, and places of worship with every student growing cognitively and operating at a higher skill level. I encourage individuals and groups to take advantage of any opportunity to sit under his classroom teaching and be put through the paces of his tactical training; you will be better prepared to protect yourself, your loved ones, and those you serve.”

Brian Benscoter, Training and Education Specialist, Texas School Safety Center

Dr. Toby A. Travis | Executive Consultant

“When one is looking for an expert in a specific professional field for wisdom, advice, and counsel, you want to identify someone who has had significant experience reflected in their overwhelming success. Plus, if you can find someone who is not only professionally gifted but with high levels of integrity interwoven with a strong foundation of character, then you’ve found someone who could be a very special advisor. In my view, Toby Travis is that person.”

Dr. Alan Cureton, President, University of Northwestern-St. Paul

Alfredo E. Umaña | Senior Consultant

“Working with Mr. Umana has been always great. I am particularly impressed with his ability to clearly understand the client’s demands. I appreciate the follow up we have received for each project we have been doing together. I also enjoy his regular and practical blog publications.”

Karen Janssens, Lead Link Central America, RIKOLTO

Dr. Lisa Bernier | Affiliate Consultant

“Dr. Lisa Bernier has been a friend and inspiration to the Special Education Department at Glendale Christian Academy. She has helped us from our foundational times to our growth into a Resource Center, a Special Education contained classroom, and an Enhanced Learning Program.  The Special Education Workshops she facilitated were always on target for the issues we needed to address at the time.  With her burden and dedication to the needs of students with special needs, she seemed to anticipate and walk ahead for us, making a path that we could follow. There is a special humility and respect for the ways God works in Christian Schools that allows Dr. Bernier to be used in unique ways.  We will be forever grateful for her involvement in our program and know that when we succeed in helping our students succeed, we stand on the shoulders of people like Dr.Lisa Bernier.”

Melanie Mize, MFA, MEd, Academic Coordinator/Special Education Director, Glendale Christian Academy

Dr. Lisa Bernier | Affiliate Consultant

Dr. Lisa Bernier has assisted Scottsdale Christian Academy in a variety of consulting arrangements.  She has led wonderful training sessions for our faculty, as well as completed an overall assessment of our Special Education Program to provide guidance to support our desire for continuous improvement.  She is always a consummate professional and consistently provides useful suggestions and guidance.  She has vast experience and knowledge allowing the time she spends with us to be worthwhile and valuable.  I highly recommend considering Lisa for your consulting needs, and would encourage anyone to reach out to me so I could elaborate on the value she has provided to the Scottsdale Christian Academy Pathways Program.”

Dr. Brent Hodges, Superintendent, Scottsdale Christian Academy

Jon Keith | Affiliate Consultant

Jon Keith is a trusted educator and consultant. Jon has numerous years of experience as a high school educator and global educational leader. He has provided advice, guidance, and mentorship for a variety of educational needs including: International Students, Interim Programs, Staff Development, etc. I would recommend him as an educational consultant.”

Dr. Mitchell Salerno, Headmaster, Monte Vista Christian School

Janet Hale | Affiliate Consultant

Janet Hale is like a compass. You tell her what you need, and she will point you in the right direction. Then she helps you make it happen!”

Sybil Truster, Director of Curriculum, Western Regional Professional Development Center

Janet Hale | Affiliate Consultant

“Janet Hale has been our lighthouse ever since we met her one summer at a national conference. There were so many days, weeks, and months we felt lost at sea with our curriculum mapping initiative and Janet turned on the light and led us to where we needed to be. Her knowledge of all areas of curriculum and curriculum design, as well as all that goes along with a positive change in education, has been awesome for our district!”

Steve Kovach, Curriculum Mapping Co-Coordinator / Secondary Teaching & Learning Coordinator, Lakeville Area Schools

Ingrid Healy | Affiliate Consultant

Ingrid Healy is our go-to person. We know we can count on her for wise counsel and effective strategy. We will definitely work with her again in our next campaign.”

Marci McLean, Parish Episcopal School

Jon Kieth | Affiliate Consultant

Jon Keith’s 36 years of experience as an education leader, his passion for global education and desire to serve others make him an ideal contributor to schools and groups pursuing international educational initiatives.”

Gregg Thompson, Headmaster, First Presbyterian Day School, Macon, Georgia

Jon Kieth | Affiliate Consultant

Mr. Keith is the best administrator for the international student body I have ever met. His heart for service, his knowledge about different cultures, his experiences with international students and parents all serve as a blessing to students and parents around the world. I am deeply grateful for the assistance he has given me as an administrator, a mentor, and a friend!”

Lydia Jiang, Mount Holyoke College

Jon Kieth | Affiliate Consultant

Mr. Keith not only understands the culture of China well, but he also has a heart for its people. He serves as a bridge that connects the east and the west. His strong relationship-building skill, rich experience in the education field, including global education, and incredible leadership granted him enormous impact in the lives of many international students and their families. My parents and I have known Mr. Keith for seven years, and are direct beneficiaries of his influence.”

Xingyue Heng, Wheaton College