SCCLC School Profile

The Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center (SCCLC) is an ACSI and Middle States Association-accredited Christian school located in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  A ministry of South America Mission, the Learning Center develops students grounded academically and spiritually with a vision for impacting the world. The School’s core philosophy can be summed up as “Redeemed Lives, Quality Education, Transformed Society.”  Graduates receive both international and local diplomas in preparation for global engagement.  SCCLC’s high standards of academic excellence, emphasis on spiritual formation, and English-speaking environment combine to attract students from families with influence in business and politics as well as in local churches.  This ability to reach students and their families for Christ, from multiple segments of Bolivian society, makes the SCCLC a strategic platform for transformation at the individual, family, community, and national levels.

The SCCLC was founded in 1977 by parents who felt the need for a local school providing a quality education in English and with a Christian orientation primarily for missionary children.  The school began with the ACE program of individualized study but was later changed to a system of traditional classroom education.  Until 1982, classrooms were rented from Bethesda Mission.  In January of 1983, the school moved to its present location (6.5 kilometers southwest of the center of Santa Cruz), which the school owns. The school has grown from 34 students in 1977 to a present enrollment of more than 200. Over the years, more than 35 evangelical missions have been involved in the school by enrolling their children or by supplying Board members and staff.  In recent years the SCCLC has refocused its mission and vision to include service to families, regardless of faith or church affiliation, and has been transformed into a vibrant and effective international Christian school.

VISION: The Vision of the SCCLC is to see our students and faculty transform society through God-honoring service in their homes, communities and professions.

MISSION: SCCLC serves Bolivia and the nations by providing a quality comprehensive Christian education that meets and exceeds national and international academic standards and prepares students—spiritually, academically and socially—to transform their world.


  • The authority of God’s Word
  • The formation of Christian character
  • The value of individuals created in God’s image
  • The need to serve God by serving others
  • The priority of love and unity in diversity
  • The pursuit of academic excellence

Maribel Ayos, the Director of Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center, reports the following teacher needs for the 2019-20 school year. If you or anyone you know is interested, please contact Ms. Ayos directly ( Teachers at SCCLC generally come through a mission agency, including South America Mission, TeachBeyond, or Resourcing Christian Education International. The Director will provide orientation and contact information for interested applicants.

2019-2020 Personnel Needs


  • Elementary Principal
  • Secondary Principal
  • Chaplain
  • Athletic Director
  • Dean of students
  • Guidance Counselor
  • Human Resources Coordinator


  • 5th-grade teacher
  • Art teacher
  • Special Education needs


  • MS Math Teacher
  • MS Science Teacher
  • MS English Teacher
  • MS Art Teacher
  • HS Math Teacher
  • HS Science Teacher
  • HS Physics Teacher
  • HS Bible Teacher
  • HS Social Studies Teacher
  • HS Art Teacher
  • Special Education needs