Proprietary schools, in their various forms, are in the vanguard of the explosive growth in international schooling and are often exemplary of schools committed to providing cutting-edge educational programs and services. The unique opportunities and challenges facing proprietary schools are seldom the focus of the gatherings of school leaders. The GLOBAL School Consulting Group’s “School Owner Roundtables” are the exception, as we intentionally focus entirely on the needs and interests of school owners. These unique events address ownership topics and rely heavily on peer expertise and experience through participant-driven dialogue.

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Dr. David A. Wells and the GLOBAL School Consulting Group are pleased to announce plans for the School Owner Roundtable IV, scheduled to be held in Panama City, Panama, on February 17-19, 2020.  School Owners are invited to attend and to have their Heads of School participate with them, in this unique professional development and networking event.

The theme for the Roundtable will be20-20 Vision and the Future of our Schools.  Sessions tentatively planned for the Roundtable include the following:

  • “20-20 Vision – Alignment of Direction and Destination”
  • “Strategic Planning – Improving the Odds of Reaching the Destination”  – Interest-based Roundtable discussions will follow, addressing a variety of topics, including Strategic Planning Models, Financial Forecasting, Instructional Program and Curriculum Planning, Continuous School Improvement Planning
  • “The Unique Challenges and Opportunities of the Owner-Head Relationship in Proprietary Schools” – Roundtable discussions will follow for Owners who have school Heads who are not Owners; Owners who have school Heads who are Owners; and for Heads who are not Owners.
  • “Do your job, not mine!” (Developing healthy habits around clearly defined roles and responsibilities) – Brief presentation, followed by Roundtable discussions focused on the roles and responsibilities of Owners, Boards, and Heads.
  • “The TrustED® School Leader” – A practice-based and research-validated framework for data-driven school leader development and school improvement. This presentation will be followed by Roundtable discussions on utilizing the framework at the management level as well as for Owners.

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