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Over the past thirty years, Dr. Toby Travis has had the privilege of working in senior leadership roles with several international corporations, ministries, and schools.

As a consultant, trainer, and presenter, he has also enjoyed the opportunity of assisting schools and universities throughout the USA, as well as in Canada, Mexico, England, Ireland, Wales, Poland, Germany, India, Sri Lanka, Guatemala, Belize, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, Paraguay, and Ecuador. It is his endeavor to inspire and to develop stronger research-based strategies for trusted leadership so that schools are able to accomplish their unique missions to a greater level. He is the author of the widely read blog and author, creator, and presenter of the TrustED School Leader Training and the TrustED Teacher Training. Dr. Travis also developed the TrustED™ School Leader Assessment, a 360 evaluation tool for school leaders, providing critical data to inform the professional development of school leaders and their teams.

Toby, along with his wife, Tannia, and daughter, Emma, reside in Tucson, Arizona, where he serves as the Headmaster of Desert Christian Schools.

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