Paul Gibbs, Senior Consultant

With over two decades of experience as a school leader, teacher, and educational technologist in K-12 and higher education, Paul’s professional work focuses on helping schools grow their mission both inside and outside their walls. He focuses on developing comprehensive assessment strategies for mission effectiveness and on leveraging an institution’s technology to achieve their goals.

Paul has served as an administrator in three institutions, most recently in the Dominican Republic, where he was Assistant Head of School at Santiago Christian School and Interim Head of School at Colegio Caminito de Jesus. Over the past two decades, he has provided technology consulting services to companies and non-profits in the Philadelphia metropolitan region.

Paul earned an M.Ed. in Globalization and International Education from Lehigh University and both an M.Div. and Th.M. from Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary. He holds a B.A. from Bob Jones University and a graduate certificate in International Educational Development from Lehigh University. He is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.

“I had the privilege of working under Paul’s guidance, I learned a lot from him! He is an unstoppable thinker, very hard worker, auto-learner and a great human being!” – Lilliam de Checo, Admissions Counselor, Santiago Christian School (Dominican Republic)

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