Jon Keith, M.B.A., C.A.S., Senior Consultant
Jon Keith, M.B.A., C.A.S., Affiliate Consultant

Mr. Keith served at one of the oldest and most respected Private High Schools in America, Wheaton Academy, for over 35 years.  His broad experience included roles as Business Manager, Director of Development, Dean of Students, Principal and Chief Operating Officer.  Many of his philosophies and programs, such as The Living Curriculum Teacher, Winterim, The Mature Culture, The AND Institution and 6-3-1 Enrollment, have been replicated broadly throughout education.  Mr. Keith holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Houghton College, M.B.A. from Northern Illinois University and C.A.S. in Educational Leadership from National Louis University.

Over the past decade, he has also become an influencial leader in the USA / Asia educational world.  He founded and served as President of WAnet, a nationwide association of schools with homestay boarding programs for international students.  He has also created numerous educational programs benefiting American schools and international families.

Mr. Keith is founder and President of Keith Global, an international platform that provides a wide range of educational resources for international families and schools / organizations. Simultaneously, he serves in a variety of leadership roles including VP / CXO of Shutoon English, Executive Principal of USAprep and Administrative Principal of JOY International, all based throughout China.  He also works closely with the K-12 and University communities worldwide.

Mr. Keith and his wife are products of Houghton Academy, an international boarding school in New York, where his father served for nearly 40 years.  The Keith’s have three adult children with the oldest currently living and teaching in China.  Mr. and Mrs. Keith have served as host parents to numerous international students and remain active in the lives of international families throughout the world.

Mr. Keith has been a valuable referent to schools worldwide over the past three and a half decades focusing on Educational Marketing, Entrepreneurial Initiatives, International Student Programs, Teacher Recruitment & Selection, Student Culture, Strategic Enrollment, Fiscal Stewardship and diagnosing Educational Institutional Health.

“Mr. Jon Keith is one the greatest leaders I’ve ever worked with. His value-driven leadership strongly impacted our school and led the whole organization to a new strategic milestone. His passion and servant heart in global education, his excellent insight, decisive and wise decision-making deeply impressed me. He has various experience and deep understanding of Chinese students and families… A great educational consultant.”

 – Vivien Wang HR Director, Shenyang Transformation International School, Transformation Academy of China

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