James A. Hanson, M.Phil, M.Sc (Oxon), M.Math (Oxon) QTS FIMA Affiliate Consultant
James A. Hanson, M.Phil, M.Sc (Oxon), M.Math (Oxon) QTS FIMA, Senior Consultant

James is an experienced school principal, both as a founding principal, and also as principal of a standalone day and boarding school. He has been teaching for over 20 years (from prep school through to freshmen at the University of Oxford). As a consultant, he has worked with the National College for Education to mentor and coach middle leaders, alongside supporting the growth in international education in the Far East. He has been published in numerous educational journals and has spoken at conferences on UK education, Boarding and achieving entry to UK Schools and Colleges. His vision for an organization is centered on developing people, achieving healthy well-being and living by Core Values: kindness, compassion, integrity and inclusion. He is also a very strong advocate for personal involvement in community projects, himself serving on numerous Not-For-Profit Boards and at Global Sporting Events.

Global School Consulting Group clients can benefit from James’ expertise on:

  • Setting a school ethos and values in new schools, aligning with organizational aims.
  • Testing a school ethos and values.
  • Recruiting senior staff including founding school leaders to align with organizational fit.
  • Auditing and evolving Wellbeing and Mental Health provision within schools, both for students and for staff.
  • Audit and support for whole school improvement strategies in mathematics and numeracy.
  • Support and improvement for University / College student preparation and transition, especially for entry to UK Schools and Colleges.
  • Mentoring and coaching teaching staff; preparing staff to move to middle and senior leadership roles. Helping teachers develop their ability as learners.
  • Supporting those taking on academic research in learning / pedagogy.
  • Auditing compliance / inspection readiness for UK-style inspection frameworks (Ofsted, ISI).
  • Auditing and evolving Boarding provision in schools, supporting international recruitment of students and integration into a new boarding community.
  • Supporting schools through Safeguarding audits, provision and for those going through historic cases.
  • Support in designing and auditing assessment models, progress of students and incorporating new assessment methodology throughout a staff team.

James was born and brought up in the UK, but has traveled extensively, working in Europe, the USA and in China. He graduated with a Masters degree in Mathematics from the University of Oxford, completing his programme with 1st class marks on his Thesis. He studied for a research M.S in Zoology, also at the University of Oxford, where he was awarded a Wellcome Trust prize studentship. Certified as a teacher through the University of Warwick, he completed further educational research with an MPhil in the pedagogy of learning calculus through Computer-Aided Assessment.

Following a very successful career, in which he taught at some of the UK’s most prestigious Christian Boarding Prep and High schools and was principal for his final 5 years, he set up his own educational consultancy business. His real passion is helping and seeing young people achieve their dreams and fulfill their potential, for which he wants to serve schools and colleges seeking to do likewise. Together with his wife, Jenny and their two daughters, they love cycling, walking and playing board games together, alongside serving as lay teachers and pastors of their local church and community.

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