Dr. Donetrus Hill, Senior Consultant
Dr. Donetrus Hill, Senior Consultant

Donetrus G. Hill is a native of Saginaw, Michigan by way of Shreveport, Louisiana. Donetrus is a highly respected educator, motivational speaker, minister and author who has dedicated his life to creating opportunities for scholars of diverse needs and backgrounds. Donetrus is a graduate of Wiley College where he completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and furthered his education by obtaining a Master’s of Science in Sports Medicine from the United States Sports Academy. Donetrus has an earned Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Management from Capella University. The impetus of his research is centered on the cultivation of scholarly outcomes for at-risk and/or disenfranchised students.

Throughout his career, Donetrus has fought hard to ensure equity and excellence in the classroom. He believes firmly in the principle that every child has the innate ability and opportunity to succeed academically and socially as long as there is a quality teacher in every classroom and a dedicated principal in every building. Donetrus supports educators and their right to be creative in the classroom as they perfect their aligned pedagogical practices towards student success and achievement. Donetrus continually lauds the work of educators and wants nothing more than to ease their burden while equipping them with the tools necessary to become phenomenal as they embrace research based, effective practices that will not only produce prepared scholars, but will afford the educator the opportunity to grow and develop as well.

Donetrus has given of himself to serve the disenfranchised and at risk scholars by purposefully and skillfully focusing his knowledge, wisdom and experience towards building capacity in urban educators to become interventionist and very strategic as they address the learning gaps and bleak realities our scholars face each and every day.

Donetrus understands that to teach today, you are not looking for a job, you are committing to serve. It takes a level of commitment, dedication and passion not found in most, but to them that are chosen, Donetrus is prepared to provide you with the insight and direction to become a true practitioner in the field.

Donetrus has served as a classroom teacher at both the middle and high school level. He was an Instructional Specialist in the area of science. He worked in tandem with a TEA Technical Assistance Provider as they sought out to equip struggling educators with strategies that would prove effective if administered with fidelity. Donetrus is a certified Principal in the State of Texas. He successfully served as Assistant Principal and Principal at the high school level. Currently, Donetrus is serving in the capacity of Executive Principal with The Rhodes School – the only magnet charter school in the nation that focuses on academic achievement and fine arts. To complement his position, Donetrus has added national certifications in Classroom Management and Student Discipline as well as Pedagogical Differentiation, Student Enrichment & Motivation.


Donetrus is the author of Today’s Prince…Tomorrow’s King (Tate Publishing). The impetus of the book is to posture the life and mission of males towards their purpose and destiny. It speaks to education, royalty, honor, integrity, family and common decency. It has been termed, “a Dad in a book.” It has become his mission to eradicate complacency and restore the values of chivalry, integrity, scholarship, spirituality and honor to those that have been marginalized and disenfranchised.

When asked how to describe himself, Donetrus is quoted as saying, “I am an educator that coaches other educators to be the best they can be at all times.” In essence, our most vulnerable scholars deserve instruction from educators that have been trained to deliver at the appropriate level of rigor with the right amount of passion and consistency. Donetrus believes in the power of education and is eager to leave his mark with all who believe in the power of children!

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