Dr. David A. Wells, Principal and Executive Consultant
Dr. David A. Wells, Principal and Executive Consultant

Dr. David A. Wells and his wife Lois live in the mountains of Ecuador, near the village of Nono, just a few miles from Quito. David devotes his time to consulting for school owners, school systems, boards, and executive leaders in international and national schools around the globe.

David’s experience in educational and organizational leadership is broad and deep, including leadership of schools in Puerto Rico, New York, and Ecuador.  He also managed not-for-profit social services agency and a commercial real estate group.  David served as an Executive Consultant and Vice President for the Global Division of PAIDEIA, Inc. for several years, and is recognized as an Associated Consultant with the Council of International Schools.  In addition to his work in consulting, David is an adjunct professor in a graduate program for international educators, chairs three school boards, and is a member of a foundation board.  David also presents workshops and seminars on school ownership, governance, and leadership.

Dr. Wells has provided services to seventy-three schools and organizations over the last six years, in thirty-five countries.  His expertise and passion are most commonly applied to the following areas:

  • Effective Organizational Structures and Systems: David works with school owners and school systems in the design and implementation of organizational structures and systems that respect and retain the fundamentals of the organization’s business plan while introducing and implementing best practices for schools, to maximize effectiveness in attainment of desired organizational outcomes.  This work often includes structuring and training School Boards.
  • Comprehensive Organizational Assessments: David designs organizational assessments for schools and organizations, engaging other consultants with unique competencies, to attain findings that inform and instruct leadership in their quest for organizational improvement and enhanced results.  In a few unique instances, David has had the opportunity to engage in school “turnaround” projects in circumstances of acute or systemic organizational challenge, conflict, crisis, or dysfunction.
  • Search Services: David led the development of “GlobalSearches”, a service that supports schools and organization in the recruitment of executive leaders.  Several leaders have been placed in international schools through this service, which is now expanding to include the recruitment of teachers for international schools.

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“Dr. David Wells was a wonderful asset as his interventions and advice were assertive and they guided us into better processes.  His disposition and dedication to the school were at all times visible in everything he did for DelCampo.” 

 D. Orietta Facusse, Owner, DelCampo International School and DelCampo International Academy, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

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