Alfredo E. Umaña, Senior Consultant
Alfredo E. Umaña, Senior Consultant

Alfredo is passionate about organizational behavior and leadership development. Over the past twelve years, Alfredo has been consulting for a myriad of organizations, including family businesses, corporations, schools, ministries and not-for-profit organizations.

Global School Consulting Group clients can benefit from Alfredo’s expertise on:

  • Strategic Planning with a participative approach, listening attentively to each stakeholder.
  • Balanced Scorecard design, reviewing every perspective, learning, processes, clients and finances.
  • Operational Planning with execution principles and desirable outcomes in mind.
  • Organizational Assesment, comprehensive or focusing on a particular area of interest.
  • Team Work Development according to the five levels of a team as delineated by Lencioni.
  • Problem Solving using the Compression Planning® process (
  • Leadership Training by assessing the four stages of growth developed by Derrick Mueller.
  • Executive Coaching, defining and pursuing measurable goals on a consistent basis.
  • LEGO® Serious Play®, creating strategy in real time, developing Simple Guiding Principles.
  • Customized business training, addressing the particular issues the organization faces.

Mr. Umana graduated with a Masters in Business Administration degree from INCAE (A Harvard Associated School in Costa Rica) and initiated his Consulting career with Deloitte & Touche Business Solutions; he opened his own practice in 2005, Applied Consulting, with the goal of serving his clients with custom-made organizational and leadership services.

Borne in Honduras, Alfredo is fluent in both Spanish and English; he enjoys serving others through his strengths of responsibility, relator, individualization, developer and analysis (Gallup StrengthsFinder Assesment). Together with Lisa Anderson-Umana, his wife from Pittsburgh PA and their two kids, Valerie (b. 1999) and Victor (b. 2001), Alfredo devotes his time to family, Consulting and ministry (Local church teaching pastor).

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“Working with Mr. Umana has been always great. I am particularly impressed with his ability to clearly understand the client’s demands. I appreciate the follow up we have received for each project we have been doing together. I also enjoy his regular and practical Blog publications.”  

– Karen Janssens, Lead Link Central America, RIKOLTO (Formerly known as VECO)

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