cropped-nik-macmillan-280300-1-copy.jpgThe GLOBAL School Consulting Group includes professional consultants who have experience with schools in all major regions of the world. We recognize that training, experience, and an understanding of “best practices” and their application is vital for effective consultation, as wise counsel moves a school and its leaders toward “next practices,” attuned and responsive to the school’s context and culture. Wise counsel is a product of ingenuity, intelligence, research, experience, patience, integrity, and faith. With this understanding, we effectively serve organizations with very divergent profiles, philosophies, and characteristics.

GLOBAL Consultants work with all types of schools, with a commitment to understanding each school’s purpose, philosophy, and context. The defining characteristic of all GLOBAL consultants is their strong commitment to a Christian worldview and faith. This commitment informs our approach to relationships and consulting. Our work product documents the effectiveness of our counsel, which makes it possible for school owners, boards, and heads, and their administrative and instructional personnel to achieve their aspirations and practical ends.