The GLOBAL School Consulting Group includes professional consultants who have experience with schools in all major regions of the world. We recognize that training, experience, and an understanding of best practices and their application is vital for effective consultation, as wise counsel moves a school and its leaders toward next practices, attuned and responsive to the school’s context and culture. Wise counsel is a product of ingenuity, intelligence, research, experience, patience, integrity, and faith. With this understanding, we effectively serve organizations with very divergent profiles, philosophies, and characteristics.

GLOBAL consultants work with all types of schools, with a commitment to understanding each school’s purpose, philosophy, and context. The defining characteristic of all GLOBAL consultants is their strong commitment to a Christian worldview and faith. This commitment informs our approach to relationships and consulting. The effectiveness of our counsel makes it possible for school owners, boards, heads of school, administration, and instructional personnel to achieve their aspirations and practical ends.

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Executive Consultants

Wayne Lynch, M.A., ACFRE, Executive Consultant

Wayne Lynch, MEd, MA, AFCRE | Senior Designation – Association of Fundraising Professionals | Author, Handbook for Ministry Fundraising | Consultant and Trainer
Lead Competencies: Creating Development Programs, Fundraising, and Financial Planning
Location: North America

Toby A. Travis, EdD | Superintendent, The Village Christian Academy | Adjunct Professor, International Graduate Program for Educators, State University of New York | Author, The TrustED® School Leader: The Bridge to School Improvement | Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, and Mentor
Lead Competency: Instructional Leadership, Data-Informed Professional Development Resulting in School-wide Improvement
Location: North America

Dr. David A. Wells, Principal and Executive Consultant

David A. Wells, EdD | Principal, GLOBAL School Consulting Group | Consultant, Presenter, and Trainer
Lead Competencies: Ownership and Governance – Effective Organizational Structures and Systems, Comprehensive Organizational Assessments, and Executive Searches
Location: South America

Senior Consultants

Bobby Brasher | Director of School Safety and Student Security for The Brook Hill School |Co-founder of Christian Defense and Safety Solutions |Speaker, Consultant and Trainer | Multiple related Certifications
Lead Competencies: School Safety, Security, and Threat Assessments
Location: North America

Dr. Eric Crane, Affiliate Consultant

Eric Crane, PhD |Educational Entrepreneur, Founder and Principal Owner of Club Anglais | Consultant and Trainer
Lead Competencies: School Start-ups, Financial Modeling, and Planning for School Success
Location: North Africa

Paul Gibbs, Affiliate Consultant

Paul Gibbs, MEd, MDiv | Educational Evaluation Consultant, Technology Consultant
Lead Competencies: Information and Learning Technologies, Institutional Assessment, and Program Evaluation
Location: North America

James A. Hanson, Affiliate Consultant

James A. Hanson, MPhil, MSc, MMath | Consultant, Mentor, and Coach at National College of Education | Consultant, Presenter, and Trainer
Lead Competencies: Organisational & Personal Safeguarding, and Boarding Program Assessment
Location: United Kingdom

Donetrus Hill, EdD | Principal, Dayton Public Schools | Senior Vice President & Principal Analyst, RJH & Associates| Author, Today’s Prince – Tomorrow’s King | Turnaround Schools Specialist and Motivational Speaker
Lead Competencies: School Culture & Climate, Classroom Management & Student Discipline, Pedagogical Differentiation, and Student Enrichment & Motivation
Location: North America

Dr. Janet Lowrie Nason, Senior Consultant

Janet Lowrie Nason, EdD | Connecter of Ideas, People, and Projects | Presenter and Consultant | Co-Founder of Greenville Christian School | Facilitator of Collaborative Projects
Lead Competencies: School Climate & Culture, Student Safeguarding, and Development of International Master’s Degree Program Collaboratives
Location: Asia

Stephen Robinson, Ph.D., Senior Consultant

Stephen Robinson, PhD | Former President of Southern Association of Independent Schools | Chief Strategy Officer of Triple W International | Founder of Orbis Learning Community
Lead Competencies: Enrollment Management, Global School Partnerships, Research and Assessment Design
Location: Asia and North America

Alfredo E. Umaña, Senior Consultant

Alfredo E. Umaña, MBA | Principal of Consultoria Aplicada | Certified LEGO® Serious Play® | Executive Leader Training and Coaching
Lead Competencies: Strategic Planning and Balanced Scorecard Design, Operational Planning, Compression Planning® Problem Solving, and Customized Business Planning
Location: Central America

Affiliate Consultants

Lisa Bernier, EdD | Assistant Professor, Grand Canyon University | Trainer, Speaker, and Consultant
Lead Competencies: Special Education, and Structured English Immersion
Location: North America

Sofia Amador Brenes, EdD | Director of Curriculum, Professional Development, & Accreditation for Schools of Excellence | Founder of EducArt International |Consultant and Trainer
Lead Competencies: Standard-based Curriculum Design and Revision; and Teacher Training Programs
Location: Central America

Kjell Fenn, Affiliate Consultant

Kjell Fenn, MEd | Headmaster, New Covenant Academy | Author, Engage: Motivational Strategies for a Dynamic Classroom
Lead Competency: Instructional Practice, Classroom Management, and Student Motivation
Location: North America

Janet Hale, Affiliate Consultant

Janet Hale, MEd | Owner, Curriculum Decisions | Best-Selling Author, A Guide to Curriculum Mapping, Educational Leaders’ Guide to Curriculum Mapping, Upgrade Your Curriculum, and A Guide to Documenting Learning | Standards Alignment, Curriculum Mapping, and Documenting Learning Specialist
Lead Competency: Standards Literacy, and Curriculum Mapping & Design
Location: North America

Ingrid Healy, Affiliate Consultant

Ingrid Healy, CFRE | Principal at Independent School Advancement (Strategic Counsel for Independent Schools) | Speaker, Trainer, and Facilitator
Lead Competencies: Leading & Managing Capital & Endowment Campaigns, and Integrated Advancement
Location: North America

Jon Keith, Affiliate Consultant

Jon Keith, MBA |Principal of KeithGlobal | Founder and Former President of WAnet |VP of Shutoon English, Executive Principal of USAprep, and Administrative Principal of JOY International
Lead Competencies: Educational Marketing, International Student Programs, Student Culture, and Diagnosing Educational Institutional Health
Location: Asia

Comfort Oghu, PhD | Director – FOTS School | Collaborator, Strategist, and Facilitator
Lead Competencies: Strategic and Systematic Alignment of Programs and Services with Institutional Priorities, and Evaluation of Effective Instructional Design and Student Services
Location: West Africa

Elisa Toro, Affiliate Consultant

Elisa Toro, MA | Deputy Director – Center for Early Learning of Sampedrana International School | Trainer, Mentor, and Coach
Lead Competencies: Design, Implementation, & Assessment of Early Childhood Programs, and EC Professional Development
Location: Central America