Galapagos Conservancy – Education for Sustainability

Dr. David A. Wells, Executive and Managing Consultant of the GLOBAL School Consultant Group, is honored to serve as a member of the Education Leadership Team of the Education for Sustainability in Galapagos Program.  The individuals working on this team include Andrew Sherman (Founder and CEO of Gamut Education), Elizabeth T. Murakami (Professor and Director of programs in Educational Leadership in the College of Education and Human Development at Texas A&M, San Antonio), Frank Hernandez (Associate Dean of the Simmons School of Education and Human Development at Southern Methodist University), and Miriam Chacón (Galapagos Program Coordinator).

The Galapagos Conservancy (GC) and the Fundación Scalesia (FS) are leading a public-private partnership with Ecuador’s Ministry of Education and the Galapagos Governing Council (GGC).  This partnership seeks to transform Galapagos education to bolster long-term conservation efforts in the Islands.  The project’s goal is to improve education for the 7,500 school age children in Galapagos by strengthening the teaching skills of the 470 teachers in the 22 K-12 schools on the Islands, as well as the leadership skills of the schools’ administrators.  Project activities include the creation of the educational leadership team that conducts professional development workshops, and coach and mentor Galapagos teachers and administrators.  A rigorous metrics and evaluation component ensures that when educators’ skills increase from this attention, student performance will also excel.  Once successful, it is expected that this project will serve as a model for education reform in the rest of Ecuador, and perhaps be replicated in other parts of the world.

Excellence & Equity – A TrustED Partnership

Dr. Toby Travis, facilitating the TrustED School Leadership Training for the Excellence & Equity Consortium in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania.
Dr. Toby A. Travis
Dr. Toby A. Travis

Recently, I had the distinct honor of serving as the featured presenter/facilitator for the Excellence & Equity Consortium; assisting school administrators on Long Island and in Northern New Jersey to build trust in their leadership skills, and in their schools.

The consortium is a project sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education’s Center for Educational Leadership; under the direction of Dr. Bob Jarvis.  Dr. Jarvis shares that, “All of our Consortia are driven by a mission to positively transform the lives of each and every one of our students by preparing them for success in post-secondary education and in life – especially our diverse children and youth who have traditionally struggled academically in our systems, or who might likely be the first in their family to attend and graduate from college.” Learn more about the Consortium HERE.

The integration of the TrustED School Leadership Training and the Excellence & Equity Consortium is an ideal partnership, as the research clearly demonstrates, that when school leaders are highly trusted, there is a direct linkage to the success of students.

School administrators from all across Long Island, and Northern New Jersey, attended these three initial training event opportunities – and the feedback has been tremendous:

James Earle
James Earle, Principal, Montclair High School

“Outstanding presentation and practical applications of the material as well. The TrustED School Leadership training with Dr. Travis is very thought provoking, yet extremely encouraging.” – James Earle, Principal, Montclair High School, New Jersey

Leigh Sumter
Leigh Sumter, Director GEAR UP Grant, Nassau Community College

“Dr. Travis provides a phenomenal training experience. Many times as administrators our focus is on putting out fires and dealing with the day-to-day issues. We lose perspective when it comes to developing relationships with our staff. Go participate in this training to learn the key points to start and develop that TRUST!” – Leigh Sumter, Director GEAR UP Grant, Nassau Community College, NY

To learn more about the TrustED School Leadership Training, visit:  I look forward to assisting your school or school district in the future.  – Toby A. Travis, Ed.D. 

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School Profile for Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center Now Available

The Global School Consulting Group is assisting the Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center in securing their next Director (Head of School). More information on the search, including the recently updated School Profile is now available HERE.

SCCLCDADFor more information on the search services provided by Global SCG click HERE.


Dr. David Wells, “Quality Consultant” for Colegio Británico Internacional

Dr. David A. Wells currently serves as a “Quality Consultant” for the Colegio Británico Internacional, in Quito, Ecuador.  The Colegio Británico is an International Baccalaureate school, one of a limited number of schools worldwide which is authorized to provide all three IB programs.  English language acquisition is a primary commitment of the school, and the preschool and elementary programs provide English language immersion for all students.  French and Italian are offered for third language acquisition, and students have access to exchanges with schools in other countries to enrich their language development and expand their cultural experience.

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Dr. Travis – Featured Presenter at Penn Excellence & Equity Consortia

Keynote Address
Dr. Toby A. Travis

Dr. Toby A. Travis, will be one of the featured presenters at this year’s Penn Excellence & Equity Consortia.  All of the Consortia members are driven by a mission to positively transform the lives of each and every one of their students by preparing them for success in post-secondary education and in life – especially their diverse children and youth who have traditionally struggled academically, or who might likely be the first in their family to attend and graduate from college.

The Consortia member districts are committed to the success of every student, and are committed to equity by recognizing and eliminating institutional barriers to allow all students’ increasing inclusion in and opportunities to access the best of what their districts have to offer. The Consortia seeks to assure that students’ identities will not predict or predetermine their success in school and life. [Learn More About the Penn Excellence & Equity Consortia]


Dr. Travis will be presenting the TrustED School Leadership Training; providing school leaders with research-based strategies, practices, and protocols that result in higher levels of student achievement, deeper stakeholder relationships, and greater school stability.  [Learn More About TrustED]

Dr. Wells Now Assisting Chontales Academy

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-13 at 4.05.25 PMDr. David A. Wells is honored and excited to be working with Dr. Erinn Magee, the Founder of Chontales, Academy, in Juigalpa, Chontales, Nicaragua.  David will provide consultative support throughout the school development process, before and after the opening of the school for the 2018-19 school year.  David will support Dr. Magee in developing the School Board and establishing organizational policies.  Dr. Wells will serve as the Chairperson of the Board during the school’s development phase.  For information about Chontales Academy, contact Erinn at