Student Pre-Attack Indicators and Behavior Analysis

In the event of a school emergency or an active shooter incident, the first responders are teachers. A common misconception is that police and medical personnel are the first responders, but technically they are second. When a crisis happens at a school, teachers and other school employees are the first responders since they are the … Continue reading Student Pre-Attack Indicators and Behavior Analysis

EDUFIT – Gateway International Schools

EDUFIT Education, in Hanoi, Vietnam, has contracted Dr. David A. Wells, Principal and Executive Consultant of the GLOBAL Group to provide consulting services leading to the development and training of a School Board for the Gateway International Schools, among other services.  EDUFIT Education currently has two GIS bilingual schools and nine Sakura Montessori preschools, with plans for rapid expansion with additional schools and preschools during the next six years.  The school board development project is one component of the organization’s strategy that is focused, in part, on earning accreditation with the Council of International Schools.  (One of David’s qualifications as a consultant for this project is his Affiliate Consultant status with CIS.)

Comprehensive Organizational Assessment – A service of the GLOBAL School Consulting Group

The GLOBAL Group is pleased to offer Comprehensive Organizational Assessments for schools and organizations seeking external expert review, assessment, and counsel for the purpose of identifying and addressing practices and conditions which limit or obstruct organizational success.

EDUFIT – Gateway International School Board Development Project

Dr. David A. Wells, Executive Consultant and Principal of the GLOBAL School Consulting Group, is honored to have been contracted to provide Board development and professional development services to the Ownership and organizational leadership of EDUFIT and the Gateway International School (, in Hanoi, Vietnam.  The services will extend over a period of approximately eighteen … Continue reading EDUFIT – Gateway International School Board Development Project

Why Capital Campaigns Fail

Why Capital Campaigns Fail by Wayne K. Lynch Avoid failure and choose success as your school plans for the future. The formula for a failed campaign = What before Why + Faulty Planning Process + Cost Overruns The formula for a successful campaign = Why before What + Wise Planning + Accurate Costs The Goodpeople … Continue reading Why Capital Campaigns Fail

Video Surveillance: Helping to Ensure a Safe School

School-wide video surveillance is a security resource, which helps ensure a safe and secure school. Video surveillance is a modern piece of technology that, when used in conjunction with other resources and human assets, creates a school that is a hard target. Cameras on the perimeter of your school entrance combined with a license plate … Continue reading Video Surveillance: Helping to Ensure a Safe School