Why Capital Campaigns Fail

Why Capital Campaigns Fail by Wayne K. Lynch Avoid failure and choose success as your school plans for the future. The formula for a failed campaign = What before Why + Faulty Planning Process + Cost Overruns The formula for a successful campaign = Why before What + Wise Planning + Accurate Costs The Goodpeople … Continue reading Why Capital Campaigns Fail

Video Surveillance: Helping to Ensure a Safe School

School-wide video surveillance is a security resource, which helps ensure a safe and secure school. Video surveillance is a modern piece of technology that, when used in conjunction with other resources and human assets, creates a school that is a hard target. Cameras on the perimeter of your school entrance combined with a license plate … Continue reading Video Surveillance: Helping to Ensure a Safe School

Build a Proper Climate for Giving

Here is the second installment of a series of articles from Wayne Lynch, Executive Consultant. What is a Proper Climate for Giving?  Definition:  A proper climate for giving is one where God’s people experience the joy of giving because they have been moved by the Holy Spirit and challenged to support the Great Commission. Giving thrives … Continue reading Build a Proper Climate for Giving

Back to School: Teacher Training- School Security and Safety

There are several layers to school security and the very first are the teachers. Teachers see and know their students more than anyone else. They observe students on a daily basis. With training, teachers can learn to identify the red flags of a struggling student. A few of the most common red flags are the following: Spiraling … Continue reading Back to School: Teacher Training- School Security and Safety

Governance Training in Paraguay

Dr David A. Wells, Executive and Managing Consultant of the Global School Consulting Group, is honored to provide governance training to the Board of Colegio Internacional (, in Asunción, Paraguay.  The School Board reports to the General Assembly and is responsible for the governance and oversight of the General Director and the operation of the school.  Colegio Internacional is … Continue reading Governance Training in Paraguay


  Dr. David A. Wells, Managing and Executive Consultant of the GLOBAL School Development Group, is pleased to join Gateway Education Global in announcing that Michael McCarthy has accepted appointment as the School Director at International Gateway Academy, in Istanbul, Turkey, effective with the 2018-19 school year.  Mr. McCarthy’s preparation and experience have clearly prepared him … Continue reading IGA PLACEMENT ANNOUNCEMENT