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Dr. Lisa Berneir, Affiliate Consultant

In the book of Exodus beginning in chapter 31, we are introduced to a key character in the building of the first tabernacle. His name was Bezalel. It was stated that he was a highly skilled artisan and was the chief architect for the construction of the tabernacle. What struck me most was that God knew him by name.  God also said that he “filled him with the Spirit of God, with wisdom, with knowledge and with all kinds of skills” (NIV). Another thing that God did for Bezalel was to enable him to teach, mentor, and lead other skilled craftsmen who were called to build the tabernacle. God knew exactly who he was, in what ways he was gifted, and empowered him by his Holy Spirit. He was the right man with the right skills who was equipped by God for the exact right time in history to fulfill God’s purposes.

It is amazing; God knows you by name! He has ordained in his sovereignty that you are an education leader at this very time in history. He will equip and prepare you to do whatever he has called you to do, whether big or small. Instead of worrying about this current season and how in the world you will roll out education after the restrictions are lifted, claim these truths. Pray that God will fill you with His Spirit and with wisdom, knowledge, and all kinds of skills. Lead your faculty and staff with vision. This could be your schools’ finest hour; it is time for you and all education leaders to step up and march forward confidently into the unknown with the Sovereign God of the future. You are the right person with the right skills who is equipped by God for this exact time in history. He knows your name!

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