Headshot 2019square200Dr. Lisa Bernier, a passionate expert in the areas of special education and structured English immersion, is now affiliated with the GLOBAL School Consulting Group. Dr. David A. Wells, Principal, and Executive Consultant join with the other consultants of the GLOBAL Group are pleased to welcome Lisa, recognizing that she brings passion and areas of competency to the Group that has been lacking. Since GLOBAL’s inception, we have dedicated ourselves to providing world-class consulting, training, and leadership development services to schools and educational organizations around the globe. Our vision includes bringing together highly gifted and accomplished professionals with divergent expertise and perspective, permitting GLOBAL to ensure that client needs are addressed at the highest level, in all facets of their programs and services. Lisa’s passion for training and instructing those who serve children and young people who are English language learners and those with barriers and challenges due to learning differences expand the Group’s capacity to provide counsel to schools and their leaders in all areas of need and interest.

Dr. Bernier is a career educator and consultant, with an undergraduate degree in elementary education, a master’s in administration and supervision, and a doctorate in organizational leadership with an emphasis in effective schools. She has undertaken graduate study and is certified in special education and structured English immersion. In addition to consulting, Lisa teaches at the university level and conducts teacher training and seminars on special education, inclusion, Christian parenting, and effective brain-based teaching methods. She has provided professional services to educators and educational organizations in the United States, as well as in Indonesia and Hungary.

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