Alfredo E. Umaña, Senior Consultant
Alfredo E. Umaña, Senior Consultant

Pretty soon we will be able to leave our homes, but we have to be aware of the fact that out there things have changed. We can actively or passively fight against what many are calling “the new normal”, or we can accept it and work to re-invent ourselves, we can embrace the goal of drafting a better personal, institutional and national future.

Sooner than later we will be dealing with this new reality, we will have to act, and right now we have the time to think. We just have few days, maybe some weeks to conceive a clear comeback plan.

A very simple diagram with three puzzle pieces created by my mentor Baha Habashy could come in handy to build a map to navigate the adventure waiting for us.

  1. What will I do? It is the right time to go back, read and own our Mission Statement, it is particularly important to remember those things we are really good at, so we can restructure the menu of services and products that we will offer to our students and their parents.
  2. Who am I going to do it with? I should identify and talk with my allies; those who could support me emotionally, strategically and financially: Family, friends, partners, suppliers, teachers and students.
  3. How am I going to do it? It is crucial to use innovative communication tools, with the appropriate delivery processes to provide our students relevant services, making them feel valued, safe and cared for.

It is a fact that we do not know enough about our new context to design a long-term plan, but it is also a fact that we can not leave our home without a come back plan. In Henry Cloud’s words, this is the moment to show character, and character is the ability to face the hard realities of life.

The problems we perceive, very well could be opportunities in disguise (with a mask). If we stay together, we will make it together.

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Lineamientos en tiempos del coronavirus

Ya casi nos toca salir de casa y las cosas no serán iguales afuera, podemos pelear activa o pasivamente contra la nueva realidad o podemos aceptarla y trabajar para reinventarnos, con la meta de un mejor futuro personal, institucional y nacional.

Muy pronto tendremos que lidiar con lo que encontremos, tendremos que actuar y ya no tendremos el tiempo de pensar. Por lo tanto, nos quedan solo días, quizá semanas para tener un plan claro de retorno.

Un sencillo diagrama de tres piezas que utiliza mi mentor Baha Habashy, puede darnos el mapa preliminar para la aventura que nos espera.

  1. ¿Qué haré? Es tiempo de revisar mi misión, es el momento de recordar en qué soy bueno, para reestructurar un menú de servicios y productos relevantes para mis clientes.
  2. ¿Con quiénes lo haré? Debo identificar y conversar con mis aliados; las personas que me pueden apoyar emocional, estratégica y financieramente para salir adelante: Familia, amigos, socios, proveedores, colaboradores, clientes.
  3. ¿Cómo lo haré? Es crucial utilizar novedosas herramientas de comunicación, con procesos de interacción y entrega que hagan sentir a mis clientes apreciados, seguros y cuidados.

Cierto, no podemos hacer un plan de largo plazo ante una realidad tan cambiante, pero debemos salir de casa con un plan. En palabras de Henry Cloud, es el momento de mostrar carácter y carácter es la habilidad de enfrentar las duras realidades de la vida entendiéndolas como oportunidades.

Esto también puede ser para nuestro bien, juntos saldremos adelante.

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