The GLOBAL Group is pleased to offer Comprehensive Organizational Assessments for schools and organizations seeking external expert review, assessment, and counsel for the purpose of identifying and addressing practices and conditions which limit or obstruct organizational success.

One such assessment was recently led by Dr. David Wells, and coordinated by Alfredo Umaña for ECH, a non-profit organization in Honduras. Dr. Adrian Donato, CEO and representative in the assessment process, reported the following about the assessment:

“The scope of work by Dr. Wells and his team took into account every major aspect of our organization to identify the core recommendations and commendations.
“The qualitative study was well designed and executed. It triangulated data collection in the form of surveys, interviews, and organizational documents. The study was comprised of approximately 90 stakeholders from the USA and Honduras. All participants of both countries were very impressed with the team’s professionalism and its strategic approach to the study. The team communicated very well with leadership, kept their SMART performance goals, and submitted on time a very data rich study with an accompanying Board presentation.
“At the end of the process, our organizational goal for the COA was achieved: we identified our major blind spots and managerial oversights for organizational performance improvement. The team’s recommendations have since been translated as actionable items into our strategic change initiatives and overall comprehensive organizational plan. I highly recommend David and his team.”

Adrian J. Donato, Ed.D.

Schools and organizations are encouraged to contact Dr. Wells and the GLOBAL Group to discuss the value that a Comprehensive Organizational Assessment will provide. This is one way in which the Global School Consulting Group delivers “Wise Counsel for Schools and their Leaders”.