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Bobby Brasher, Senior Consultant
School-wide video surveillance is a security resource, which helps ensure a safe and secure school. Video surveillance is a modern piece of technology that, when used in conjunction with other resources and human assets, creates a school that is a hard target.
Cameras on the perimeter of your school entrance combined with a license plate reader make up the first level of school security. Video recording is also very important as this allows you to know who is coming and going on your campus and when.
Cameras are an investment that will make your school more secure by giving you the ability to watch the outer perimeter, interior halls, common areas, and gathering places with minimum manpower. Last, video cameras and recorded evidence are useful in questions of liability exposure for schools. Personal injury cases, domestic violence, sexual assault allegations, and thefts can be mitigated from recorded evidence.
For more information on how to increase the safety and security of your campus, contact Bobby Brasher HERE.