Dr. David A. Wells, Executive Consultant and Principal of the GLOBAL School Consulting Group, is honored to conduct a comprehensive “School Culture Audit” for the RIFT VALLEY ACADEMY (www.rva.org), in Kijabe, Kenya.

According to the RVA website: “RVA is a Christian boarding school in central Kenya with over a hundred years of rich history.  The school currently serves about 500 missionary children representing 30 nationalities and 80 mission organizations and churches.  RVA also accommodates a small number of Kenyan national students and expatriate, non-mission students.  RVA views its role as dyadic: supporting current mission work while investing in the next generation of missionaries and gospel-bearers.  As a branch of Africa Inland Mission, we exist to see Christ-centered churches established and thriving among all of Africa’s peoples.”  The history of RVA is vividly recorded in Dr. Philip Dow’s book, The School in the Clouds – The Rift Valley Academy Story.

In order to ensure an effective and useful assessment of RVA’s campus culture, Dr. Wells has enlisted the support and assistance of other GLOBAL consultants, including Dr. Janet Lowrie Nason (Senior Consultant) and Paul Gibbs (Affiliate Consultant).  One component of the assessment relates to institutional leadership, for which Dr. Toby A. Travis’ TrustED 360 Leadership Assessment is being utilized.  While much advance work is being conducted through electronic communication and surveys, Dr. Wells will be on the RVA campus during the week of January 14-18, 2019, to conduct interviews and focus groups in person.